Thursday, March 9, 2017

Johnny Comes Marching Home

1000 W. Fulton, Chicago

Date:  2/27/17

Our meet was highly anticipated as Bloom made a homecoming trip from his new digs in Colorado. 
By word of mouth and written review (it was also Levy’s choice this time), Swift and Sons was touted as the bona fide challenger to the more traditional steakhouses of Chicago (Gene and Georgetti, Gibsons, Joes).

The seafood tower (more like a bowl) was skimpy and lacked presentation.  Bloom’s customary New York strip was not a good cut of meat.  To his credit, he demanded satisfaction and he received a replacement 14 oz. bone-in filet with a replacement of two sides. 

To add insult to injury, Bloom (our most refined but shrewdest of Meets) noticed that he was charged for the two extra sides he received, which by all accounts, is nickel and diming.  He summoned the front of house for more richly deserved satisfaction as fellow Red Meets Levy, Adelman and Goodman chuckled on in the folly of Bloom’s disappointment.

After all, our buddy traveled from Colorado for this? 

Blooms vow of “Never again!” was echoed by the others in agreement.

We can always tell if the establishment is to our satisfaction on all the ‘S’ fronts:  service, seafood tower, steaks.  But should we stay for sweets (dessert), then that is the deciding factor.

None of these were present. 

Swift and those sons of his failed to deliver.

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