Thursday, February 18, 2016


Date:  2/16/16
Venue:  Gibsons, 1028 N. Rush Street, Chicago

We were seated a very large, spacious booth.  Levy gave in and was ok with it, as he balked at the idea of booth seating at RPM back in November.  Our bespectacled waiter, Mohammed, was immediately recognized by Adelman, who made it known that a buddy of his specifically told him to say ‘Hello to Mohammed for me.’ 

No seafood tower option on the menu, so we put in orders for Alaskan crab legs, oysters, jumbo shrimp cocktail and crabmeat avocado.  All were of questionable quality by fellow Meets and consensus bad choice on the oysters, which were not very substantial in size and thickness.  The only saving grace was the cocktail sauce and horseradish, to which Bloom found to be a ‘kick-ass’ elixir for his nagging sinuses.

The steaks had flaws for a couple of us.  Levy had his customary 16 oz. bone-in filet with peppercorn crust, only to find his cut was not ‘peppercorny’ enough, noting a unsymmetrical pattern of seasoning.  Bloom had asked for medium, but was tabled with a borderline raw middle.  Goodman’s 16 oz. bone-in was ordered ‘al-forno’ with a lemon mustard undercoating, which had a nice zing.  Double baked potato was sufficient to be quartered and fed to all four of us.  Maple bacon Brussels Sprouts were limited on both maple and bacon.  Spinach and Mushrooms fit the bill.

The meal was pedestrian overall.  We became less and less impressed with the meal as the night went on and unanimously decided to forgo dessert.  It's a crying shame for we really got the Red Meet boner for this one.

Goodman's Score:  6 out of 10
Bloom's Score:  6 out of 10

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