Thursday, May 4, 2017

Tim Comes Marching In

520 N. Dearborn St., Chicago
(312) 521-5100 

With Bloom headed back to his ‘Rocky Mountain High’ ski-bummery, we welcomed with open arms our fellow high-school chum, Tim Mullen.  His sommelier’s prowess was well received at the table as he assumed his rightful space in the booth (which was okay with Levy, as his taste for booth seating is intolerant).

Red Meets headed back to Mastro’s for its quality of product and service we experienced upon our last visit.  Goodman took over some ordering duties from Bloom, especially in regard to the seafood tower, which have been lackluster in our last few meetings. 

Mastro’s delivered on target with a plethora of shellfish: King crab claws and legs, succulent lobster halves, briny East Coast oysters and jumbo shrimp.  Goodman and the Meets ultimately forgot the downside of ‘plethora’ when the bill came.

Mullen was the first to comment on his Tomahawk steak, who claimed that it was tasty, but not rare enough to his refined standards.  Nary a peep out of Adelman and Levy, for the seemed to enjoy their cuts.  Goodman was well-impressed with the parmesan crust well-done on his 8-ounce filet.

The meal made dents in our respectively wallets, especially with the aforementioned seafood tower.  Drinks were also well imbibed, adding to the total (roughly $220  per person). 

It’s still worth every penny.

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